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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kimbap for 'Waygooks' 


Ok, so for those of you who don't know a 'Waygook' refers to a foreigner in Korean...    For us living in Korea, just using the term 'waygook' is an easy way out of an akward situation.. (:   like when you mistakenly don't take off your shoes when going indoors, or have to decline eating the very popular Korean Sausage Sundae.. ( it's a concoction of cooked pigs intestines, also known as blood sausage!! )

Kimbap is like Korean padkos! Of all the Korean food I have tasted it's one of my favorites. Needless to say - I'll never look at Sushi the same way again. (:  When I recently went home to Zim for a holiday, I decided my family MUST try some Korean food.. So I packed in all the necessary ingredients and made then a full on Korean meal !Kimbab was the starter. 


Kim / 1 seaweed sheet
1 cup of  cooked long grain rice 
2 tablespoons vinegar
Yellow pickled radish / mango
1 egg
Some spam / crab sticks 
1 Cucumber / some cooked spinach
Some tuna / meat
Sliced carrots (cooked )
Kimbab rolling mat



1. Start off by making sure all your ingredients are ready and prepped. It can be quite a process to make these rolls if everything isn't ready from the start. Begin by cooking the rice  - it should be cooked to a sticky consistency. Once cooked, drain and allow to cool.

2. Whisk the egg with some milk and make a very thin omelet in a frying pan. Once cooked, flip into a plate and cut into long thin strips. Allow to cool.

3. Cut the mango / pickled radish into thin strips. 

4. Place the tuna / crab meat aside ready to use. 

5. Cook the spinach, once cooled set aside. Alternatively, wash the cucumber and cut into thin strips. Set aside ready to use. 

6. Cook the carrots, and allow to cool. Cut into strips. 

7. Place the seaweed sheet on a rolling mat. It helps to have this, but it is doable without..Just use some cling wrap / foil under the seaweed. 
8. Take 1 cup of rice and place it over 2/3 rds of the sheet- spread it evenly. Leaving about a 1cm border around the rice. 

9. Place the ingredients ( radish, spinach, carrot trips, egg strips, etc) on the rice....


You can even brush a little sesame seed oil over the edges of the seaweed to make it stick.

10. Now roll the mat into a nice compact Kimbap roll. !! YUMM!



Enjoy !! If you are vegetarian, you can even substitute the meat for other veggies.
It's great dipped in some soya-sauce...

See you ladle!

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