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Friday, March 15, 2013


The aroma of freshly ground coffee .. the Word ... and my journal!! What more could a girl want on a Saturday morning? (:  There is just something about sitting in a coffee shop.... alone... content.... happy.
Reading scripture, journaling, taking a step back and just allowing my 'creative' juices to flow.. 

A good old friend sent me an email about a man who when asked to pray always said " Lord, may you prop us up..." A peculiar prayer? He later explained that he had an old barn on his farm that had one wall collapsing- so he often would have to prop up the wall the keep it from falling in. He likened the wall to his tendency to lean towards certain things in his life - perhaps anger, hatred, bitterness....and that his prayer was for God to prop up his 'leaning' wall. 

I read this and realized that God not only props us up momentarily, but that He KEEPS us propped up.. What I mean to say is that GOD sustains us. Just like when I make a sound only continues to 'sound' as long as i MAKE it.. Meaning to say that i SUSTAIN the sound. When i STOP singing... the melody resounds for a moment, but ultimately it stops.. it's  existence depends on me... 

So I came to the understanding that WE are so dependent on God.. To sustain us.. to keep our walls from 'leaning'.. to not only prop us up.. BUT to keep us propped us. 


Psalm 127 v 1 reads. 
" Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain who build it.
   Unless the lord guards the city, the watchmen stay awake in vain" 


  1. amen!!! to the story, and what God is doing in His peoples's lives :) but amen just "being", at rest.. with God.. and coffee!!

  2. So true friend!! We honor God most when we just .. ARE... When we are His hands and feet,, When we ARE His messengers.. When we just ARE his children.. Our greatest task is not to DO ...but to BE.. For we are indeed human BEINGS.. and nit human DOINGS .. # being..

  3. Thanks Bean. true true. I think the verse about how we are dust is so resonating and that our very breathe comes from Yahweh alone. He alone keeps us in our fragility when lifes tides break over us and we are left vulnerable and in need of His beautiful wings