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Saturday, June 22, 2013

" Groet die Grotman"  and say hello to Paleo Style Chicken burgers! 

The Paleo diet is also known as the 'cave man's diet, or the hunter gatherer diet'. Dating back to our 'boesman' ancestors this diet takes us back to eating the natural way.  It focuses on eating real, natural food that’s widely available with little or any processing. To say it another way, paleo is focused on eating the way nature made it . (: ..
So, i decided to try this out!

Despite my new 'resolution' today was just one of those days where I was craving a good old BIG Mac Chicken burger! Juicy and tender- and hey if iT CONTAINS chicken it must be 'healthy'? NO! Besides all the processing that goes into a BIG MAC, I am also definitely NOT a fan of the caloric overload- clocking in at 590 kcal, 47 grams of Carbs and 36 grams of fat I decided there MUST be a better option??

This is my Paleo twist on chicken delux! Instead of a bread roll, i made my own 'mushroom and buckwheat flour ' buns; They ended up being more like a moist fritter than a bready bun but still sandwiched the divine chicken fillet perfectly to make a whooping BIG hamburger!

IT WAS Love at first bite (: need i SAY more??? 


Add all these ingredients to a blender

1 cup of chopped mushrooms,
1 heaped tablespoon of buckwheat flour,
2 table spoons of parsley,
a pinch of salt, and
10 ground almonds /finely chopped almonds

When the batter resembles a smoothish consistensy spoon it onto a heated pan and cook until golden brown and firm. Set aside and allow to cool.

Cook 1 chicken fillet in some olive oil, seasoning to taste.

All my yummy ingredients prepped for action
Garnish with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a few slices of tofu ! Finish off your chicken GOURMET burger with off with one fried egg, some mozarella cheese and a leaf of lettuce. 

Stack up the goodness , and finish off with the second mushroom fritter bun.. .... and enjoy!

     love at first BITE! (:

Happy cooking.!

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