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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spicy Chicken protein wraps

These wraps are a delicious low carb HIGH protein combo that work perfectly with almost any filling!

They are light,  fluffy and very versatile - I added dried basil to mine but you could even add grated courgette, psyllium husks, grated mozarella cheese or rye flour.

Here are the macros ;  

  • 270 cals
  •  8 grams of carbs
  • 40 grams of protein
  • 7 grams of fat. 

These definitely pack a punch of protein power (: 

You need

2 scoops of pea protein powder
1 whole egg
half a cup of plain Greek yoghurt
A dash of salt and pepper
1/4 teaspoon Baking powder 
1 teaspoon of dried basil of oregano


Blend it all together, with a whisk and add more liquid if necessary. The batter should be runny 'ish'.  Heat a large pan, and off you go! Cook until the sides start to curl up a bit, flip it over and your almost done. 

Now it's time for the fun part -!! I started off with some fresh sesame leaves. 
and then topped it off with a delectable mix of spicy chicken stir fry.. 

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