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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I adore writing. Plotting down on pen and paper and giving voice to unheard thoughts.  It somehow makes unsaid truths more tangible. 

Insert 1. 

" Father, when reason seems dim and decision fainted. When impulse urges on brashness and interferes with cognizance. Lord…at that time, in those quaint moments of transitory retreat; may I allow you to BE. To be the hope that restores, the heart that consoles and the knowing that deludes uncertainty. That my soul may mouth the words, and utter the verse “It is well”

In retrospect, it is is peculiar to inspect the human heart. For often it is deemed unsteady in decision and changing in notion. Swiftly fleeting from a motionless pool of reason to a raging sea of deluded decision.

Abba. Delving deep into thought and contemplation leaves me once again wondering and marveling. How complex and intricate you formulated man to be. How marvelously detailed. For who can really know the thoughts and intentions of man but You.
Swaying steadily in Your love, I am comforted by the timely nudge of your hand; A gentle push, a friendly prod. “ Go my child. Go and live. Go and be ” For beyond habitual routine, and mundane tasks lies purpose. A purposeful, timely and meaningful life; not just an existence. "

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