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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tuna microwave quiche 

 So, unlike back home most apartments in Korea ( if not ALL ) do NOT have an oven!! If however you are lucky enough to have one it's about the size of a small microwave / just bigger than a toaster! Ok, quiet a lot bigger, but they are still called 'Toaster ovens'.. lets just say NOT having a microwave has made me .... VERY CREATIVE! Hence the microwave quiche (: 


Makes about 6-8 

1 large can of tuna
half a cup chopped mushrooms
100g Tofu ( cubed)
half a cup of broccoli ( chopped)
1/4 cup diced carrots
2 whole eggs
3 additional egg whites
1 tbs mayonnaise
1/2 a tsp salt 


1. Prep all ingredients.

2. Mix ALL the ingredients together in a bowl and then spoon into silicone baking cups. 

3. Put two cups in the micro at one time. ( on medium for 3-4 minutes) if they are still a little on the soft side, put add only 15 seconds at a time. 

done and dusted(: 

See you ladle. 

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